Study Guide for RQ5: Ancient Rome 1. Know the geographical

Study Guide for RQ5: Ancient Rome
1. Know the geographical location of Rome and any important natural resources, i.e. rivers.
2. Know the differences between plebeians and patricians.
3. Whom did the Romans fight in the Punic Wars? (empire)
4. Know the levels of the Roman class system.
5. What connected Rome to Ancient China?
6. Understand how Christianity began and was spread in the Roman Empire.
Compare/Contrast: T/F & Matching Section
1. Be able to compare the Roman and Han Empires. You will write an essay on this next week, so this will help you
to prepare. You need to know the infrastructure of both (i.e. roads, etc.), how language and politics were
spread, how long each empire lasted, and how stable imperial authority was in each.
2. Be able to identify the following terms as being associated with Greece or Rome.
a. Homer
b. Sparta
c. Athens
d. Parthenon
e. The 12 Tables
f. Cincinnatus
g. Pantheon
h. Spartacus
i. Appian Way
j. Julius Caesar
k. Augustus Caesar
l. Pericles
m. Praxiteles
n. Marcus Aurelius
o. Pax Romana
p. Democracy
q. Republic
r. Aristotle
s. Romulus and Remus
t. Pompeii
u. Plato
v. Herodotus
w. Nero
x. Colisseum
y. Senate
z. Plebeian