Study techniques for Assessments Part B in Electrotechnology


Study techniques for Assessments Part B in Electrotechnology

Part B of a test is usually word replacement or short answer. Again here the purpose of the part B test is general knowledge combined with specific concept understanding.

I will not go through the general knowledge study suggestions again from part A. The concept knowledge is easily found in the summary section of the text book at the end of the chapter sections normally. So now the problem is learning the concepts is often easier said than done. I am going to suggest that in our day and age reading is not the way to go!

I can hear the yelps of joy!

Concepts in electrical physics are by definition difficult because you can’t sense electricity directly. More about that a little later. The first place you learn concepts is a combination of the workplace and the classroom. You must get the trades people that you work with to discuss and explain electrical concepts with you. Particularly their application in the workplace, this gives you the grounding or context required. This workplace application is the foundation on which to build this type of learning. So talk about your learning at work. The second place to learn and extend your knowledge is the classroom. Again this involves active listening, open question and generation of discussion. Yes you need to drive and generate the discussion. This is a way of learning that works well when it comes to understanding electrical and electronics concepts. The third avenue open to you is the internet and YouTube in particular. There are many, many Electrotechnology web-sites with great explanations, animations of concepts , experiments and video clips etc. Basically emirs yourself in these three approaches, yes all of them! Electrical concepts are hard!

Now to answering the questions themselves

Word re-placement. Read the sentence, ask yourself, what is the concept that is under examination? Then what key words make the sentence make sense? The key here is 'key word', if you know the concept being asked about there is probably only 5-7 key words that apply. List the key words for the concept, from your general knowledge. Then which one fits best? Answering short answer is similar. Read the question and make sure you understand the question. Then what are the one or two key words that answer the question. Then put these key words into at least one complete sentence! No dot points. You must demonstrate you knowledge and communicate it well. By doing this you are showing that you know to answer the question in the appropriate context.