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Midterm Review
Answer Key
What to study:
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• 2012 Midterm Review
1.) What’s a trust?
• When an entire industry is controlled by one
2.) Why pass anti-trust measures?
• Create more competition
• MORE choice for consumers
3.) Laissez-faire – what system?
• Gov’t does not interfere in economics
• Capitalism (market economy)
4.) Immigrant/Emigrant?
• Immigrant – someone who goes INTO a
• Emigrant – someone who EXITS a country
5.) Why migrate to US?
• Better opportunities in US (jobs, land,
standard of living)
• Freedoms in the U.S.
• Leaving an oppressive government
• Famine, drought
6.) What did progressives want to
• Fix problems of industrialization
• Social welfare, promote moral improvement,
economic reform, fostering efficiency
7.) Muckraker definition
• Journalist who exposes big business
8.) Market, Mixed and Command
• Market – private ownership
• Mixed – both
• Command – gov’t
9.) Why fearful of outsiders?
• Red Scare: Fear of Communism
• There had been a Communist Revolution in
• Nativist feelings
• Emergency Quota Act – LIMIT immigration
10.) 19th Amendment
• Women’s suffrage (right to vote)
• 1920 election
11.) Describe 1920’s
Nativism/Red Scare
Big Business rule – gov’t “pro-business”
Harlem Renaissance
New appliances
12.) Great Migration
• movement of African Americans from
farms/rural areas in the south to cities/urban
areas in the north
• Better opportunities – JOBS!
• Left south b/c of segregation
13.) Dust Bowl – where?
• Wind storms that kicked up over-used land
and created dust storms in the great plains
(middle America)
14.) New Deal – gov’t involvement
• Government programs to provide relief,
recovery and reform
• Gave gov’t a bigger role in fixing economic
15.) Supreme Court view of New Deal
• thought some of the laws gave legislative
powers to the executive branch
• though some of the laws went too far in
regulating business
16.) 1930s spending
• More on domestic affairs
• To fix depression!
17.) Japanese-Americans in WWII
• Many were placed in internment camps b/c
they were seen as a threat
18.) Appeasement
• G.B. and France gave into Hitler’s demands for
Czechoslovakia to AVOID WAR
19.) Nonaggression Pact
• Germany and the Soviet Union
20.) Treaty of Versailles and WWII
• The harsh conditions caused ANGER and
resentment among Germans – allowed for a
strong leader like Hitler to gain control.
21.) Japan’s goal in Asia?
• Create an empire
22.) Totalitarianism
• TOTAL control – dictatorship. Citizens with few
23.) Why could Hitler gain control of
Weimar Republic?
• Weimar Republic was weak – many turned to
totalitarian leaders to QUICKLY solve economic
24.) Nuremberg Race Laws
• Jews lost citizenship status and civil rights
25.) Areas Hitler took in 1938
• Austria (unification) and the Sudetenland
(area of Czechoslovakia)
26.) Goals of Japanese militaristic
• Control the Pacific – land, islands
• Free hand in Pacific
27.) Goal of book burning
• Get rid of Jewish authors’ ideas and books –
anything “un-German”
28.) Why did courts allow
mistreatment of Jews?
• Pledged oath to Hitler, not the Constitution
• Special Courts created – under Nazi leadership
• Police had a broad range of powers