World War II The Failure of “Appeasement”

World War II
The Failure of “Appeasement”
What is “appeasement”?
• When a country becomes aggressive, other
countries give the aggressor what it wants just
to prevent another war
The Appeasement Crises
1. Germany re-militarizes
the Rhineland
• March 1936 – Hitler’s troops enter the
Rhineland, violating the Treaty of Versailles
2. Germany annexes Austria
• Germany troops entered Austria, making it
part of Germany, once again violating the
Treaty of Versailles
3. Czechoslovakia – Munich Conference
Hitler threatened to invade this area in
Britain and France panicked, feeling that
any resistance by the Czechs would lead
to war
Czechs are ignored - Hitler received
Sudetenland and he promised no war
Chamberlain announced to Britain that he
had achieved “peace in our time”
Hitler betrays agreement - invades all of
Czechoslovakia on March 15, 1939
4. The NAZI-Soviet Pact
• Hitler had always made it clear that he would
attack communism in the USSR
• Both sides agreed to not attack each other
and divide Poland between them