The Human Body

The Human Body
By: Will Woodruff
The Respiratory System
• The respiratory system makes you breathe
• If you get lung cancer it could possibly hurt you or might kill you
• The Nose takes air in and it goes though the throat or trachea and
then goes though to the bronchial tube then witch go to the lungs
and then to the alvoi and then get exhaled.
• The lungs are made of spongy like tissue
The Skeletal System
• It protects the fragile tissue and your internal
• it protects the heart, lungs, stomach, and all
the other internal organs
• The skull protects your brain and eyes
• The rib cage protects the lungs the heart and
the stomach
The Circulatory system
• It take the oxygen that you breath and takes it
to the veins and it is dropped off in the blood
and it take it all around the body
• It consists of the veins, blood cells and the
• The veins are 60,000 miles long laid right next
to each other
Muscular System
• Helps with the nervous system to make you
• There are 300 muscles in your body
• Muscle tissue makes up 34-40 percent of your
• It takes 26 muscles to smile and 62 to frown
• There are 43 working muscles at any time