7Gr 3_1 Quiz

Mr. Dirnbeck – Science
3.1 Quiz
1. Microscopic blood vessels that connect arteries to veins are called _____.
a. aortas
b. vena cavas
c. valves
d. capillaries
2. Oxygen moves from the lungs into the blood through the process of _____.
a. active transport
b. diffusion
c. circulation
d. contraction
3. When blood moves from the heart to the lungs and back, it is moving through the _____ circulatory
a. pulmonary
b. coronary
c. systemic
d. primary
4. Arteries carry blood _____ the heart and veins carry blood ____ the heart.
a. toward; away from
b. toward; toward
c. away from; toward
d. away from; away from
5. In systemic circulation, arteries carry oxygen _____ blood and veins carry oxygen _____ blood.
a. rich; rich
b. poor; rich
c. poor; poor
d. rich; poor
6. How can you reduce your risk for heart disease?
a. Exercising regularly
b. Eating healthy
c. Not smoking
d. All of the above
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