Wednesday, Jan. 28

Wednesday, Jan. 28
Questions so far?
Summarize what has happened –
 Objective correlative?
 Peripeteia
 Asides and soliloquies
 Tragedy – using clip from O
 Questions = today’s quiz
 Break
 Iago as director, play as meta-theatre
 Othello kills Desdemona
 Sample close reading
 Short close readings for you to practice
 Selections to read in Henry IV, Part I
Questions about Othello
1. Could you interpret Othello as a feminist text?
2. What makes Othello a tragic figure? Is his tragedy selfinflicted or beyond his control? Does he have a tragic
3. How does Othello change in the course of the play? Can
you see change in language and behavior?
4. Is Iago a credible character? Or is he so evil that he
defies belief?What flaws in Roderigo, Cassio, and Othello
does he use?
5. How does Emelia help us to understand Othello and
Desdemona? Is she a foil to Desdemona?
Questions, continued
6. Are the minor characters (Bianca,
Brabantio, etc.) keys to the story?
7. Can you see a Venice/Cyprus split in
8. How is Desdemona's handkerchief used
dramatically and symbolically?
9. How does Iago direct scenes and direct
them to be misread?
10. How would YOU direct this play in
terms of costume, lighting, acting?
What to read in Henry IV, Part I, Act 1
1.1 – Read the
 1.2 – Read all, paying
special attention to
the very last soliloquy
by Prince Hal, starting
about line 201
 1.3 – Read the