Othello- Act 5 questions 12R

English 12
Othello by William Shakespeare
Act Five -Review Questions
Act 5, scene 1:
1. What does Iago reveal about his feelings regarding the upcoming fight between Roderigo
and Cassio?
2. What is Iago’s involvement in the fight? How does he try to implicate Bianca?
Act 5, scene 2:
3. As he enters Desdemona's bedchamber in order to kill her, Othello recites a soliloquy.
What metaphors does he use in this soliloquy?
4. How does Desdemona attempt to defend herself? Why is she unsuccessful?
5. What does Othello do to Desdemona? What is his reaction to his deed?
6. Summarize Desdemona’s words on line 153. What do they reveal about her character?
7. How does Emilia become a dynamic character in this scene?
8. What does Gratiano reveal about Brabantio’s fate?
9. What metaphors are used to describe Iago in lines 335-338? Why are they appropriate?
10. What are the fates Emilia, Othello, Cassio and Iago?
11. Often at the end of a play, Shakespeare's tragic heroes have a moment of insight:
According to what he says in his final dramatic monologue on page 263, what is Othello's
insight into himself? What is his tragic flaw?