Advantages of AP Biology

You can impress your friends with big words
such as gibberellin, chi square analysis, and
recombinant DNA. This may also improve your
chances of winning at trivia.
You will learn the
language that doctors
and scientists speak.
You will see if you have
what it takes to
become one.
You get to think about really big ideas and ask
really deep questions. How can I cure cancer?
Why do we have hormones? How do my
nerves work? Do plants talk to each other?
You get to apply all of your other favorite subjects!
Biology depends on understanding chemistry, physics,
and even math in relation to living things.
Advantages of AP Biology
You’ll understand how your cells actually contain the
information of your ancestors and you can blame their
DNA for all of your problems. You will fall in love with
You get to draw
pictures, create
models, make
movies, and use
social media in
You get to design your own labs sometimes! And, the
labs are fun. We make artificial cells, tape plants to the
windows and measure their sweat, grow bacteria,
separate DNA fragments, perform animal behavior
experiments and so much more.
If you take the AP Exam and do your best, you
could save a lot of money. Scoring a 4 or 5 on this
test could earn you 8 credit hours in college. Most
undergraduate majors have a minimum science
requirement that could be fulfilled.
You will develop the skills
needed to stick with long
term projects, develop selfmotivated study habits, and
figure out how you learn
It is recommended that students complete Biology and Chemistry prior to taking this course, however, exceptions
are made. Please speak with Mrs. Sawicki regarding placement if you are interested in taking AP Biology!