What is Biology? powerpoint notes

What is the study
of Biology?
Unit 1
Biology means “the study of life”
Anything living is studied by biologists.
• Living things are called BIOTIC organisms.
• Things that are not living are called ABIOTIC.
• These are air, water, rocks, heat/cold, wind, etc.
• There are lots of kinds of scientists that are biologists.
• If you were to specialize in a particular type or kind of living
thing, you would then be called:
• Ecologist = studies the environment and how living thing interact and
influence each other
• Geneticist = studies DNA in cells and how it influences characteristics
of organisms
• Botanist = studies plants
• Pathologist = studies bacteria and the way it affects animal health.
• Doctors, nurses, veterinarians = they all study biology first!
Biology is such a large topic, it must be
studied by creating a foundation of
We start with the smallest unit of life, the
cell. We learn how our food gives us life.
• Atomic structure
• How food is structured.
• Parts of the Cell
• How each part of the Cell
• How food is used by the cell to
give you life.
After learning about each cell part, we will
focus on the nucleus and how DNA contains the
instruction book for our cells to know what to
do with the food and make our bodies.
DNA is a nucleic acid with a
distinct double helix shape
DNA is found in every living
thing on the earth.
All DNA is made of the same 4
molecular bases – which makes
every living thing related.
Eye Color
You have the
same DNA
molecules as this
mouse AND the
But how can that be, you say?
As you study biology, you will
find the answer!
We will start our study of biology by
Review of Scientific Method,
Tools used in Lab
Safety in the Lab
Review of Physical Science – Atoms
and molecules
Periodic Table bonding
We will use the textbook and ipads in class and
you need to become familiar with using your
smartphone or computer when at home.
• Textbook – you need to read the chapters.
• Ipod – you will access class lectures live in class
• You will use the ipod to read science articles, take comprehension quizzes
and write about them.
• You will use the ipod to take quizzes and tests in class.
• You will use the ipod for assessment of learning.
If you are apprehensive about using this technology in class, don’t worry.
We will learn it all together.
Tools for making the best grades in class:
1. Always take notes
Ask questions immediately if you don’t understand and write them in your notes.
2. Always draw pictures and models
biology is visual and drawing helps to understand concepts
3. Read the chapter with your notes open beside you
add to your notes as you read
4. Learn the vocabulary
biology is a scientific language spoken all over the world
5. Don’t get behind!