Parent meeting PPT

Parent Meeting Info
• Welcome- Program explanation
• Introduction of Officers
• Program Expectations
• Schedule
• Forms
• Fundraising.
• Josh Johnwell- President
• Attend all meetings
• Pass all classes
• Maintain good behavior in all classes
• Follow Dawson student code of conduct.
• Receiving ISS may result in removal from Debate.
• Follow all rules and guidelines in the Debate Handbook. (this can be
found on Ms. Kautz’s teacher Webpage)
• Be respectful of coach/sponsor, officers, and fellow teammates.
• Act appropriately at school, meetings, tournaments, and on buses.
• Do not leave a tournament with out informing me (Ms. Kautz) and
providing me with an alternative transportation form. I will also want to
see your parents to make sure that is who you left with.
• We are considered a club and have a limited budget.
• Going to tournaments cost quit a bit of money from registration fees,
buses, etc.
• Because of the size of the program and the amount of tournaments
we would like to go to, we will be requiring each member to pay
• Each Member is responsible for paying 200 dollars. It can be paid all
at once or divided into monthly installments ($30-35) until the 200 is
• If paying in monthly installments they must be paided each month in
order to go to that months tournament. Ex. In order to go to our first
tournament in October you must have paid either all 200 or your first
monthly installment before Oct. 23rd.
• October:
• Stratford High school 10/23-
• November:
• January:
• University of Houston 1/8-9
• Clear Creek High School
• South Houston high School
• February:
• December:
• Seven Lakes High School
• Alief Taylor High School
• March:
• Clear Brook High School
• Texas City High School 2/5-6
• District (Uil)
• CX state
• Please make sure that the forms that you picked up on your
way in the door get signed and returned ASAP.
The students Field Trip Permission form- is to inform us and give
permission for your student to go to the tournaments they
Medical Release- is very important and it is necessary in case
of an emergency.
The Release/assumption of risk for participation in voluntary
Activity & General trip permission form have already be given
to your child and need to be turned in.
Until I receive all forms needed for this year your child will not
be allowed to go to a tournament.
• We will be doing several fundraisers throughout the year
to try to raise as much money as we can for TFA and UIL
State meets.
• As we get closer to a fundraiser we will let you know how
you can help.
• Kayla Kautz –Sponsor
• Email:
• Teacher webpage: go to Pearland ISD, select Dawson
High school and go to the teacher webpages.
• Remind: this is the primary way we will be
communicating with your Child outside of our weekly
• To join Remind;
• Send @ptxdebate to this number: 81010.