Speech and Acting Team Information

Speech and Acting Team Information
Welcome to the 2014-2015 Speech and Acting Team! You hold in your hands the critical information packet that will
provide you everything you need to know about being a member of the Speech and Acting Team. Please read the
following information carefully.
The Four Pillars: The foundation of this team is based on four pillars: Creativity and Innovation, Dedication, Team,
and Individualism. These following pillars were determined by past members as foundational values that are essential to
our team’s success and growth.
Creativity and Innovation
Take risks
Create new ideas
Inspire other team
Share your creativity
-Individual motivation
-Punctuality and
-Know your responsibilities
-Maintain your priorities
-Open communication
-Support one another
-Leave the drama behind
-Have fun
-Self respect
-Personal Priorities
-Respectful conduct
-High Standards and Goals
-Growth Mindset
-You are a unique piece in a
bigger puzzle.
Weekly Commitment:
Rehearsal Commitment:
Team members will be required to schedule a rehearsal with either Miss Eichwald or Mrs. Stanton once a week to
receive feedback on their piece.
Rehearsal times should last 20-30 min max
Time with a coach will be used to demonstrate progress and receive constructive feedback
Time with a coach should not be used for choosing a piece, cutting a piece or memorizing a piece.
Team Meeting Commitment:
Team member attendance is mandatory at weekly meetings. (Day TBD)
Team meetings are necessary to update the team on upcoming tournaments, reflect of feedback from previous
tournaments, schedule rehearsal times with coaches, ask for help from veteran members etc.
If you plan to be absent for a team meeting, you must contact Miss Eichwald or Mrs. Stanton to excuse your
Individual Rehearsal Time:
Rehearsing outside of scheduled coach rehearsals is required for success.
During individual rehearsal time you should be choosing your piece, working on memorization, cutting your
piece, writing/ revising, applying feedback from coaches etc.
Team members should be practicing/writing their piece for at least 20 min a day, 3-4 days a week.
Tournament Expectations/Commitments:
Attendance: Speech team members are required to attend all competition
throughout the season. To maintain the competitive nature of the team is an expectation that all team members
plan to be at each tournament/competition. If you have a conflict, please notify Miss Eichwald or Mrs. Stanton in
advance so we can make sure your spot is filled.
Behavior: While attending tournaments¸ students must abide by the “code of conduct” found in the student
handbook. When you attend tournaments, you not only represent yourself but also your teammates and
Lake Zurich High School. Team members are expected to act with respect towards opposing team
members, judges, staff etc.
Dress: The dress code expectation for tournaments is professional dress. Jeans, sweat pants, pajamas, yoga pants,
leggings etc. are not appropriate wear for competitions. Please see the following list for suggested competition
guide lines.
For ladies:
Nice slacks or a nice skirt (dress code appropriate)
A nice blouse, sweater or suit coat
Flats or heels
If wearing a skirt, nylons or tights should be worn
Jewelry or accessories should be kept at a minimum. Over accessorizing can be distracting to judges and
audience members. You don’t want to distract others from your amazing performance!
Makeup should be professional and natural.
Hair should be neat and pulled back out of the face in some way. (Bobby pin, head band, pin a pony tail,
hair clip etc.)
For gentlemen:
Nice slacks (ironed please)
Tie/ bow tie
Dress shirt (ironed please)
Dress shoes. No sneakers!
Dark or matching socks. No white socks!
Hair should be combed
*Note, these are guidelines for “dressing for success”. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask
Miss Eichwald, Mrs. Stanton or any returning members for help.
Tournament day suggestions:
Before tournaments:
Make sure to lay out all your items the night before
Have your piece cut, ready to go in your binder (if applicable)
Set an alarm
Get a good night’s rest
Have breakfast
Arrive to school early and be on the bus ready to go.
If you are running late, please contact either Miss Eichwald or Mrs. Stanton.
During tournaments:
Tournaments can make for a long Saturday. Here are some suggestions on what to bring to make sure the day goes
Students are required to bring:
o Any materials they need for their event. Binders, page protectors, a copy of their piece etc.
o Pen/Pencil
It is suggested that students bring:
o their homework/school material during tournaments to work on in between rounds.
o water and snacks
o money if they would like to buy food at the concession stands. ($5-$10) is usually enough
o comfortable shoes to change into in between rounds
o headphones to listen to music in between rounds
Tournament Dates: Please plan to attend all tournament dates listed below. If you cannot make a tournament due to a
prior commitment, please alert Miss Eichwald or Mrs. Stanton.
Communication & Social Media
The Speech and Acting team website can be found on the Activities Page on the LZ95 website. All information
concerning tournaments, schedules etc. can be found on the website.
The Speech and Acting Team does communicate via Twitter. If you would like to follow us: @LZSpeech
“Remind” is an educational texting/email that is used by Miss Eichwald to communicate with speech team members.
Though it is not required, it is high encouraged that team members sign up to receive the notifications via email or text.
Please see the website for sign up details.
Projected Activity Fees:
Activity Fee: All team members will be required to pay an activity fee of $25. Fees can be paid via home access. Checks
can be made out to CUSD95. Cash is also accepted.
T-shirt Fee: We will be ordering t-shirts this year. Students will be required to pay for their own t-shirt.
(est. price $10-$15 depending on design)
Contact Information:
If you are unable to make a rehearsal, team meeting or tournament, please contact either Miss Eichwald or Mrs. Stanton.
Miss Eichwald, Head Speech Coach
Email: shannon.eichwald@lz95.org
School Phone: 1-847-540-5431
Mrs. Stanton, Assistant Speech Coach
Email: laura.stanton@lz95.org
School Phone: 1- 847-540-4089