Speech and Debate Scavenger Hunt Answer the following

Speech and Debate Scavenger Hunt
Answer the following questions as quickly as possible using the provided web sites. In doing so, you will
become familiar with some of the most useful on-line resources available to Speech and Debate
coaches. The team with the most correct answers after 15 minutes (or the team to find all correct
answers first) will win a prize!
1. Which student amassed the most NFL points for Original Oratory in this last season? How many
points did she have?
Abby Surprenant – 1054
2. How much for the Annual School Membership? How much for the Lifetime Student
$100, $15
3. What are some membership benefits according to the web site?
Honor Society Membership
Extensive Resources
District and Specialty Awards
Advocacy and Recognition
4. When is Cary HS having its debate?
Nov. 9
5. What NC student had the most points for Humorous Interpretation? How many points does he
Scotty Pruitt - 141
6. Look under the Resources section. How much are Membership Dues?
7. Since there are no North Carolina tournaments posted for the 2013-14 school year, let’s take a
look elsewhere. Find the 2013 Waterloo East Tournament (IA). When is the tournament?
Oct. 12-13
8. How much does it cost for a Public Forum team to enter the tournament?
9. How many judges will a school need to bring if they register five (5) Public Forum teams to the
2 judges
10. What time does round 2 begin for all Speech events?
7:30 pm
11. What is SpeechWire?
Tournament program that allows people to create and register for tournaments
12. What two North Carolina tournaments are listed on SpeechWire as of today?
Pinecrest and Billy Stanley
13. What does this web site offer debate teams?
Resources for sale
14. How much does it costs for a year of LD packets? How much for one issue?
$100, $25
15. What does IDEA stand for?
International Debate Education Association
16. What is a VBate?
On-line video debate
17. Find the most viewed debate (Tip: Find the “Top 100 Debates”). What is the topic? What is one
argument “For” this debate topic?
This House Would Ban Animal Testing
Answers will vary
18. Google “pros and cons debate topics.” Of the web sites listed on this first page, which one do
you think is the best?
Log into your Blackboard and follow these directions.
CoursesHigh SchoolsCary HSSearch “Speech””Coaching Speech and Debate” or follow this link:
19. How many field trip forms are there?
20. Open “The Nuts and Bolts of Coaching Speech and Debate” and save it to your
computer. Be prepared to show proof.