Covenant Community
Please consider joining us
(National Christian Forensics & Communication Association)
Georgia Open
Speech and Debate
at Covenant College, Lookout Mountain, GA
March 9-12, 2011
We Depend on Members of the Community to Provide Feedback to Speakers
NCFCA provides tournament opportunities to high school students in order to promote communication skills
to equip them to convey ideas to people in all walks of life. NCFCA does not employ professional speech and
debate judges. We depend on volunteers from the community to evaluate students’ communication abilities.
No experience is necessary. A 30-minute judges’ orientation will be conducted on the tournament days. To
serve as a judge, you must be at least 18 years of age. Volunteers may judge for just one round, or may judge
more, depending on their schedule. A judges' lounge is provided, and meals will be served.
Students travel from across the nation to compete in team policy debate, Lincoln-Douglas value debate, and
10 individual events (speech events). Top competitors from this tournament will advance to the National
Championship to be held in June.
This season’s Team Policy Resolution deals with a change in the United States Federal Government’s policy
toward Russia while the LD Values topic concerns popular sovereignty and individual rights.
Speech events include limited preparation events such as Extemporaneous (current events), Impromptu, and
Apologetics; Platform speeches such as Original Oratory, Illustrated Oratory, and Persuasive; and Interpretive
events such as Dramatic, Humorous , Duo and Thematic interp.
Thank you for your consideration.
For more information, please visit or contact Teri Pickering at 410.991.0507
To register to judge, please visit
Click on GA and choose the GA Open tournament.