Onboarding to Success

Onboarding to Success:
How to be the Employer of Choice
Lunch and Learn
November 29, 2012
What is Onboarding?
Onboarding is the process of integrating
employees into their new work environment. It
is the final, yet crucial stage of the recruitment
process. It is an extension of the first day
orientation and one of the most important steps
in retention.
First day at IKEA..........
Turn Off #1
Make sure a
work space has
not been created
or assigned....
Here is the vision…….
This is where we are heading: By the end of
their first 6 months, every employee will:
•Understand the organization’s vision &
•Have a clear understanding of department
and importance of job
•Understand job responsibilities and
performance objectives
Vision, continued
• Are introduced to key people they will have
working relationships with
• Have access to the tools and resources needed
•Are compliant with legal, HR, and department
specific requirements
•Have the opportunity to contribute to work
Here’s your role……..
The onboarding team has developed a
step by step checklist to guide you from
the time the offer is accepted through the
first 6 months.
YOUR ROLE: Follow the steps and
discover how straightforward it can be to
assimilate your new employee to PSU!
Turn Off #2
Assign the
busy work
that has
nothing to
do with his
you are
have a
What can your employee
•A welcome email from the President
delivered to their PSU email on their first day
•A checklist explaining what they can expect
in their first 6 months
•Tools, guides and “how-to’s” to steer them
through PSU and Portland
“Research and conventional wisdom both
suggest that employees get about 90 days to
prove themselves in a new job. The faster
new hires feel welcome and prepared for their
jobs , the faster they will be able to
successfully contribute to the firm’s mission.”
Onboarding Employees: Maximizing Success by Talya Bauer,
Call to Action
Thorough on-boarding leads to:
•Higher job satisfaction
•Organizational commitment
•Lower turnover
•Higher professional levels
•Career effectiveness
•Lowered stress
What makes Onboarding
Set Clear Expectations…..Position descriptions
Know what they should learn and who will
teach/guide them
Introduce to key stakeholders
Create project/deliverable that allows for a
demonstrated result in a short timeframe
Set Monthly, Quarterly Goals & Stick to
consistent communication
Turn Off # 3
Pair up the new
employee with a
buddy/mentor that
is known to be the
most unhappy,
negative, PSU
bashing member of
your staff...
The Process: How to start
Define show your employee your org chart
and how they fit into the department and
greater University
Discuss job expectations, working styles
Inform how does the department function
Share what success looks like
Involve the new hire in what’s going on
What does this mean for you?
You get to have a clear set of tools to
facilitate the process
You get to be involved in creating a
workplace that employees feel engaged
You get to experience an employee who is
able to contribute faster and in a more
meaningful way than without on boarding