Midterm Review continued (ch. 4

Midterm Review continued (ch. 4-6)
Chapter 4
What does morphology study?
The smallest unit of meaning in a language is a ______________________.
The smallest unit of sound in a language is a _______________________(review from chap. 3)
What are bases?
Give an example.
What are affixes?
Give an example.
What are roots?
Give an example.
What are stems?
Give an example.
What is the difference between a free morpheme and a bound morpheme? Can you give examples or identify these in
Define and give example of these affixes:
The process of creating new words is _________________________. The process of modifying existing words is
Review: a variation of phonemes is called ___________________. Therefore a variation of morphemes is a
What is syntax? Is it the same as grammar?
Does English use grammatical genders?
What are obligatory categories?
Does every language put the subject, object, and verb in the same order?
What form does English use?
What is the difference between prescriptive and descriptive grammar? Is one more correct than the other?
Is there a correct grammar?
What can your grammar say about you?
Review article “Expletive Deleted”
Why do curse words have power?
In what part of the brain are swear words stored?
Chapter 5
Is sign language a real language or just gestures?
What is orality?
American Sign Language (ASL) was developed from what other language?
While English is Subject Verb Object (SVO), ASL is ________________________________. Example:
In ASL, where do question words go?
What are manually coded signs and do they work?
The basic descriptive unit of signing is called a _____________________ or _____________________ and is also called a
sign phoneme.
What are the meanings of the three sign phonemes?
Is there variety in ASL?
What is modality? What is the modality of English compared to ASL?
What is nonverbal communication?
What is proxemics?
What are US proxemics in regard to space and touching?
Know the 4 different types of space
What is kinesics? What are its 5 categories?
Affect displays
What are some examples of nonverbal communication found in the article “Sounds of Silence?
How can you tell is someone is or is not listening to you?
What are examples of how body language shapes who you are you saw in the video?
In the body language video, why do animals open up their bodies to take up more space? What do we do when we feel
powerless or scared?