Geography and Exploration Test Review

Age of Exploration/Geography Study Guide
1. What is latitude?
2. What is longitude?
3. What is a political map?
4. What is a thematic map?
5. What is a physical map?
6. What is absolute location?
7. What is relative location?
8. What does a scale on a map show?
9. What is a bay?
10. What is a plain?
11. What were some of the things that made Europeans want to explore the New World?
12. What is mercantilism?
13. What types of new technology allowed the Europeans to explore the New World?
14. What religion did Queen Isabella want to spread to new lands?
15. Why did Europeans want to find new trade routes to Asia?
16. Which explorer was the first to reach North America?
17. Who founded the first Sea College in 1420?
18. Who discovered that the New World was not part of Asia?
19. Who was the first to sail around the world?
20. Who landed in Canada and allowed England to lay claim to North America?
21. Which explorer helped to create settlements in current day New York and New Jersey?
22. Who was the first person to create settlements in Florida?
23. The exchange of plants, animals and diseases between Europe and the New World was
known as what?
24. What is the difference between absolute location and relative location?
25. What are the four different parts of a map?