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Name: _________________________
Core: _______
Date: ____________
Interphase Pre-Questions:
1. What happens during interphase?
2. What links together the two sister chromatids after DNA replication?
3. What are homologous chromosomes?
4. Which color pipe cleaner represents maternal (from mother) chromosomes? ________________
5. Which color pipe cleaner represents paternal (from father) chromosomes? ________________
**Follow Interphase Instructions.**
5. How many total chromosomes does our parent cell therefore have? (hint: count the number of X’s) _______
Meiosis 1 Pre-Questions:
1. What is the first stage of meiosis 1 called?
2. Where do your chromosomes originally come from?
3. What is crossing over?
4. How many total divisions of Meiosis are there?
**Follow Meiosis 1 Instructions.**
5. What happens during Prophase 1?
Prophase 1 TEACHER CHECK: ________
6. What happens during Metaphase 1?
Metaphase 1 TEACHER CHECK: ________
7. What happens during Anaphase 1?
Anaphase 1 TEACHER CHECK: ________
8. What happens during Telophase 1 and Cytokinesis?
Telophase 1 and Cytokinesis TEACHER CHECK: _________
Meiosis 1 Post-Questions:
9. After Anaphase 1 have the centromeres (pipe cleaners) been split? (Yes/No) __________
10. How many daughter cells do you end up with after Telophase 1? ____________
11. Why is it not possible to have all the same color pipe cleaners in the same daughter cell?
Meiosis 2 Pre-Questions:
12. During Meiosis 2 what will happen to the sister chromatids?
13. What other process is Meiosis 2 very similar too?
**Follow Meiosis 2 Instructions.**
14. What happens during Prophase 2?
Prophase 2 TEACHER CHECK: ________
15. What happens during Metaphase 2?
Metaphase 2 TEACHER CHECK: ________
16. What happens during Anaphase 2?
Anaphase 2 TEACHER CHECK: ________
17. What happens during Telophase 2 and Cytokinesis?
Telophase 2 and Cytokinesis TEACHER CHECK: _________
IF you have time, complete the following homework questions on a separate sheet of paper.
Homework - Analysis Questions:
1. After Anaphase 2 have the centromeres (pipe cleaners) been split? (Yes/No)
2. How many daughter cells do you end up with after Telophase 2?
3. How many chromosomes did your original parent cell have (at the beginning of the lab)?
4. Was this parent cell diploid or haploid?
5. How many chromosomes did each of your daughter cells have (at the end of the lab)?
6. Were the daughter cells diploid or haploid?
7. If human somatic cells have 46 chromosomes, how many chromosomes do human gametes have?
8. Are human gametes haploid or diploid?
9. Are human somatic cells haploid or diploid?
10. Are fertilized eggs haploid or diploid?