US History Guided Notes 14-2

US History Guided Notes 14-2
Building up the Military
How prepared was the US Military to fight WWI?
How did Progressives feel about Conscription?
What is Selective Service?
How many men did it raise for service?
Were African American’s included in the military?
If so what discrimination did they face?
Did they serve with distinction?
With regards to women WWI was the first time what officially happened?
What kind of jobs did they perform?
Who were the only women to go overseas?
Organizing the Industry
What agreement did Wilson and Congress have about the economy?
What did they want to establish?
What is the War Industries Board?
Who took control in 1918 and made it work?
What was the Food Administration responsible for?
Who ran it?
What is a victory garden?
Why did the Fuel Administration introduce Daylight Savings Time?
How did the Government raise money for the war?
Mobilizing the Workforce
What did the National War Labor Board give workers to ensure they would not strike?
How did WWI affect women’s role in the workforce?
What did WWI do to US Immigration?
How did this affect African Americans?
What is “The Great Migration”?
How does this impact Northern cities?
How did WWI affect migrant Mexican Workers?
What challenges did they face?
Ensuring Public Support
What was the role of the Committee on Public Information?
What is the Espionage Act of 1918?
What is the Sedition Act of 1918?
What Americans faced discrimination and mistreatment because they were thought disloyal?
What ruling was handed down in Schenck v United States?