Reading Topics Ch. 22 part 1 pp. 479

Reading Topics Ch. 22 part 1 pp. 479 -490 “Republicans”
Ch. 22 Intro
Opening quote from Lincoln’s 2nd inaugural….what clues does it give us regarding his intentions
for reconstruction???
What 4 key questions loom large?
The Problems of Peace
Other Q’s?
Jefferson Davis’ fate?
A.J.’s actions Dec. 1868?
What had “Gone with the Wind?”
Cities/economics/Transportation/Agriculture/ Cost of Slaves becoming free?
“Dangerously defiant South?”
Freedmen Define Freedom
Precise meaning of freedom?
How does emancipation vary?
How do responses to emancipation vary?
Masters/freedpeople (several)
“Exodusters” who what when where why?
The Church- sig. for freed peoples ?
Examining the Evidence p.483… read letter?
American Missionary Association’s role?
Freedmen’s Bureau
“Brutal Reality” for freed people???
Congress- March 3, 1865 does what?
Purpose? White & Black?
Gen. Oliver O. Howard? University?
Greatest success comes in which arena?
Southern Whites/A.J.’s response?
Johnson: The Tailor President
Born where? Orphan?
Moved to @ 17?
Elected to congress…Hates?
What does he do when Tenn. Secedes?
War Gov.
Union Party/1864? Role?
A good fit? Why/why not?
Presidential Reconstruction
Lincoln’s opinion on southern states leaving the union?
1863 (war still going on) plan is called what? DETAILS****
Congresses response called what? DETAILS****
Difference between the two plans?
Lincolns action towards Wade-Davis Bill 1864?
Congress does what when Louisiana delegates show up?
Congresses view of secession
Factions created in Republican party- (2) groups view of Reconstruction?
Radical Republican’s goal for the South? (3)
Andrew Johnson’s Reconstruction Plan? DETAILS**** (4) parts….
Pardon’s ? how-why?
The Baleful Black Codes
Bbox p.486 Picture p. 487
Black Codes purpose(s) 2****
Harshest/most lenient states?
Labor contracts?
Race Relations?
North’s response to “Black Codes?”
Congressional Reconstruction
Congress reconvenes Dec. 1865…Surprise?
The South elected who???
Reaction of Republicans?
Republicans action Dec. 4, 1865?
How and Why would the “restored South be stronger?”*****details
Republican worries? Specifically which issues?
Johnson Clashes with Congress
AJ vetoes which bill?
Civil Rights Act of 1866-DETAILS****
Override a veto? Which bill? How? Outcome?
14th Amendment? Details**** ALL PARTS***(4)
What would any State wanting to be “restored” have to do?
Johnson’s advice to Southern States?
Swinging around the Circle with Johnson
Congress/AJ conflict centered on what issues (3)?
Purpose of “swing round the circle?”
Congressional elections of 1866 important, why?
“give em hell” speeches? Successful?
Outcome of “swing round the circle?”
Results for Republicans?