Chapter 18 Section 1 Power Point

Chapter 18 Sec 1
Rebuilding the Union
Reconstruction Begins
• The War ended in 1865
• Reconstruction was the process the federal
government used to readmit the Confederate
states to the union
• Reconstruction lasted from 1865-1877
Reconstruction Begins
• Lincolns second Inauguration Speech he said,
“with malice towards none and charity for all”
• He wanted to pardon all confederate leaders
and encouraged confederate states to hold
elections and send leaders to congress.
Reconstruction Begins
• Freedman’s Bureau- set up schools, hospitals
and distributed food and clothes to former
Reconstruction Begins
• April 1865, Lincoln is killed.
• Andrew Johnson becomes president. He
wanted to follow Lincoln’s plan for rebuilding
the nation.
Rebuilding Brings Conflict
• Some southern states refused to ratify the 13th
• Many southern states passed “Black Codes”
laws meant to restrict the rights of black
EX: black people with no proof of employment has to work on a plantation
No black people could carry guns
No black people could meet in a group without a white person supervising
Rebuilding Brings Conflict
• Many Radical Republicans (led by C. Sumner
and Thad Stevens) from the North wanted to
punish the South:
For secession
For the war
For the black codes and refusing to give
black people rights.
The Civil Rights Act
• Said that all people born in the
US were citizens (except Native
• Said all people regardless of
race were entitled to equal
• Congress over rode the veto, it
became a law.
14th Amendment
• Congress wanted equality in
the Constitution
“equal protection under the
• President Johnson said no.
• Every former confederate
state also refused (except
• Now Congress is MAD!
Radical Reconstruction
New Southern Governments
• South divided into 5 regions
• For a state to be readmitted:
• Congress would have to approve state
constitutions-which must allow black men to vote
• State must approve the 14th amendment
New Southern Governments
• Many southern states elected
new delegates to write new
• These new delegates were
Republican elected by farmers
who were mad at planters for
starting the war.
• These delegates got along with
northern Republicans, so they
were called “Scalawags”.
• Some northerners moved to the
south right after the war perhaps
to get rich: “Carpetbaggers”
Johnson Impeached