Ch. 10 Study Guide

Mrs. Reed’s Intro to Psychology
Ch. 10: Development: Infancy and Childhood: STUDY GUIDE
SECTION ONE: Developmental Psychology:
1. Why and how do psychologists study development?
2. How do both heredity and environment contribute to the developmental process?
3. How would you describe development as a process of stages versus continuity?
SECTION TWO: Physical Development:
1. How is physical growth important from conception through childhood?
2. What are reflexes and how are they beneficial?
3. What is motor development?
4. What do infants learn through the process of perceptual development?
SECTION THREE: Social Development:
1. Why is attachment vital to human relationships?
2. Who do styles of parenting differ?
3. What are some issues associated with child abuse and neglect?
4. How does outside child care affect children’s development?
5. What is the importance of self-esteem to developing children?
SECTION FOUR: Cognitive Development:
1. What are the stages of Piaget’s theory of cognitive development?
2. How did Kohlberg use a moral dilemma to illustrate his theory of moral development?