Chapter 7 Part 2 Cognitive Characteristics and Growth


Chapter 7 Part 2 Cognitive Characteristics and Growth

Throughout early childhood, children seek __________________ answers to explain what they know through

________________________ and ________________________.

Piaget called this phase the _______________________________

_______________ of thinking as it represents a time when children’s use of _______________________ and _____________________ thinking grow.

____________________ refer to the _________________ or

__________________ processes that are organized ________________ processes.

In this stage, children continue to explore their _________________,

___________________ more and more as they ________________________ their experiences.

Young children gradually move form using _____________________

(perception or insight based on feelings) to more rational and _________________ thinking.

The _____________________________ stage is marked by three characteristics:



__________________________ (The tendency of young

children to focus on just one aspect of something


Lack of __________________________ (Understanding of

viewed objects.)

_____________________________(The ability to take another

person’s perspective.)

____________________ believed that children learn what they know through___________________ ______________________.

Parents and caregivers should provide as many opportunities for ____________________ and ____________________ play as possible.

As the brain develops, there are ___________________ of

_____________________ (the brain is most receptive to learning)

for optimizing the development of ___________________


______________________ of time for physical, __________________, and socio-emotional ______________________ windows vary.

Providing children with _____________________ ______________________ and ______________________ will stimulate brain development.

Turn to your neighbor and brainstorm at least ten things that kids could do that would stimulate brain


_____________________________ is an important par of

____________________ development in early childhood.

Children can focus on their inward thoughts, of referred to as


Children think about they remember, or _______________________.

Typcially, young children learn ______________________, followed by

_____________________, syntax, __________________ and then


Phonology refers to the ___________________________ that make up words.

_____________________________ includes word structures and___________________.

___________________________ refers to sentence _________________, or when words are combined to form_________________________ sentences.

_______________________ refers to the meaning of words.

_________________________ refers to using language properly

______________________ can be used positively as a ________________ of

__________________-____________________ and language development.

_______________________ what is considered ______________________ right or wrong is a process

Younger _________________________ respond to _________________ and

_______________________ instead of making moral decisions

They are in _____________________ first level of moral development or _____________________________ _________________________.