9th Grade World History Exam I Study Guide

9th Grade World History Exam I Study Guide
Ancient Civilizations
a. What are the 5 characteristics that make up a civilization?
b. Where were the early river valley civilizations located?
c. What were some uniqure characteristics of each of these early river valley civilizations?
d. Know the following terms:
i. Fertile Crescent
ii. City-State
iii. Polytheism
iv. Empire
v. Institution
vi. Culture
Classical Greece
a. Describe the geography of Greece
b. What types of government formed in the city-states of Greece
c. Describe 3 major cultural legacies classical Greek culture left for the world
d. Know the following terms:
i. Homer
ii. Monarchy
iii. Aristocracy
iv. Oligarchy
v. Democracy
vi. Athens
vii. Sparta
viii. Olympics
ix. Greek theatre
x. Alexander the Great
Ancient Rome and the spread of Christianity
a. How did early Rome organize its government?
b. How does the US form of republican government compare to ancient Rome’s?
c. Why did Rome convert from a republic to an empire?
d. How did Christianity become the widely followed world religion that it is today?
e. Why did Rome fall?
f. What legal principles does the US practice today that were originally began in Rome?
g. Know the following terms:
i. Republic
ii. Senate
iii. Julius Caesar
iv. Jesus
v. Constantine
vi. Pax Romana
vii. Mercenary
viii. Western Civilization