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Selective Timeline

Selective Timeline for the Ancient World
Date (ca)
3500 BC
Sumerian and Minoan Civilizations Emerge
3000 BC
Babylonian and Egyptian Civilizations Emerge
2500 BC
Akkadian Civilization Emerges (Sargon)
2000 BC
Abraham leaves UR
1500 BC
Mycenaean Civilization Controls Mediteranean/Bronze Age
1200 BC
Bronze Age collapse/Exodus/Trojan War
1000 BC
Monarchy begins in Israel
800 BC
Rise of Greek City States
750 BC
Assyrian Empire Dominant/Israel Collapses/Founding of Rome
600 BC
Neo Babylonians conquer Judah
550 BC
Persian Empire Dominant/Liberation of the Jews
500 BC
Roman Republic Emerges/Democracy develops in Athens/Greco-Persian Wars
450 BC
Peloponnesian Wars/Classical Greece
350 BC
Greece united under Macedon
325 BC
Alexander the Great conquers Persia
150 BC
Maccabean Revolt in Israel/Rome destroys Carthage/Rome conquers Greece
63 BC
Israel Conquered by Rome
50 BC
Julius Caesar Assassinated
27 BC
Founding of Roman Empire/Augustus is Emperor
4 BC
Christ is born
14 AD
Tiberias Ascends the Throne
29 AD
Christ is Crucified