9th Grade World History Project

9th Grade World History Project
Ms. Turner
Geographic Factors and the Development of African Civilizations Project
Due: Periods 3 & 7 – Monday October 26th
Periods 4 & 6 – Tuesday October 27th
*All projects turned in after this deadline will receive a loss of 25
points per day. Let’s get them in on time!
Goal: Create a chapter project about the geographic factors that influenced the
development of African civilizations. Students will explore the effects of geography on
society, culture, and trade in Africa during the Middle Ages.
Making a Map: Student groups will use the chapter lessons and library or online research to
explore the medieval kingdoms of Africa. They will need materials to make maps by hand,
such as paper and markers, or access to a computer.
Directions Students will be organized into these groups: the Kingdom of Ghana; the
Kingdom of Mali; and the Kingdom of Songhai. (Students may choose their group and will
sign up in class. They may also choose which kingdom they would like to research. The
project will be completed outside of the classroom, thus – students must make sure that
they are able to arrange meeting on their free time. Students may also elect to work
Students will need to review the appropriate lessons and use library or online
resources to conduct research about the effects of geography on African civilizations.
Students should pay attention to geographic factors and natural resources that
allowed some civilizations to prosper.
They should also explain the various ways that traditional African culture was
influenced by the presence of Arab traders and be able to point out the most
important trade routes.
Each group will use its research findings to create a map of its assigned region.
Maps may show topography, climate, economic activity, political boundaries, and
culture (such as language, religion, and ethnic groups) or a combination of these
characteristics. – Min of 3
Maps should also include call-outs or captions that detail important features of the
map or events that took place in a certain area.
Maps may also include images, charts, or graphs. Students may create their maps by
hand or on the computer.
Student projects will count for one project grade. Projects count as 30%. (This is the same as a test.)
Get creative with how you present your research!