Bio-HBio Wiki Unit 12 Human Physiology Part II

Unit 12 Part II Human Physiology: Digestive System, Nervous System and Sense Organs, Endocrine System and Reproductive
System (Duration Bio 6 / HBio 5)
Essential Questions
Content Standards
Labs and Assessments
HBio Additional Items
How do all the bodies
systems work together to
maintain homeostasis?
For each of the body's
systems, list the input and
Can I use this information
when I go to the doctor's
For each of the body's
systems, list the structure
and function of each of the
participating organs.
How do individual systems
regulate themselves?
What is the flow of
between the organs that make
the systems work?
What happens when one part
of the system fails?
Explain the flow of food
through the body, where the
body takes out the
nutrients, and how the body
eliminates waste.
Describe the flow of a signal
through the nervous system.
Know the function of the
endocrine system, major
glands and hormones, and
discuss potential disorders
caused by an improperly
functioning system.
Identify the major
structures of the male and
female reproductive
systems and their functions.
Trace the path of food
through the digestive
system, include where
nutrients are removed
and the process by which
wastes are eliminated.
Draw and label the major
organs of the of the
body's systems.
Explain how the systems
stay in balance using
feedback loops.
 Various worksheets to
assess the students
Use various websites,
such as,
The Biology Project
(University of Arizona);
PBS Life's Greatest
Miracle; Nature Scitable
online library;
Labs and activities to
demonstrate and
reinforce standards and
skills: e.g., Modeling
Human Digestion;
Observing embryonic
development from
prepared slides;
Modeling nerve function.
Given a scenario of
failure of one or more of
the components of the
system, be able to
discuss the probable
result. Relate that to a
known disease.
Describe how hormones
affect the body's actions.
Summarize the hormones
secreted by the pituitary
gland and the action of
each hormone.
Nervous System Quiz
Trace the path of the
sperm through the male
body, to conception.
Endocrine System Quiz
Reproduction Quiz
Discuss the major events
during human gestation.
Human Physiology Unit
Test Part II
Summative (Quizzes for
practice and check for
understanding and a unit
 Digestive System Quiz
Honors Biology (HBio) will
be using the SAT II as a
model to support the HBio
HBio will be using
experiments from the Vernier
Advanced Biology laboratory
HBio students will be
required provide a detailed
account of the filtering of
fluids in the kidneys.