The flower - notes from Sept. 17

The Flower
Main Flower Parts
• Sepals
• Petals
• Stamen
• Pistil
• Green leaf like structures on the exterior of the flower.
• Collectively the sepals are called the Calyx
• Sepals fold back as the flower opens.
• Are colorful and leaf like.
• Their purposed is to attract pollinators.
• The collection of petals is called the Corolla.
• Male reproductive part of flower.
• Filament – part of stamen that holds anther.
• Anther – part of stamen that produces pollen.
• Pollen – contains the male sex cells.
• The female part of the flower.
• Stigma – is found at the end of the pistil and has a sticky surface.
• Style – the neck of the pistil, connects the stigma with the ovary.
• Ovary – contains the ovule
• Ovule – produces egg and where the seed develops.
Flower Diagram
Complete Flower
Flower that contains sepals, petals, stamen and pistil.
Incomplete Flower
A flower that lacks one of the following:
sepals, petals, stamen or pistil.
Perfect Flower
• Contains both mail and female parts.
Imperfect Flower
Flowers that are male, female or neither.
• Pollination – transfer of pollen from anther to stigma
• Fertilization – joining of male and female sex cells