review questions

Roots, stem, leaves, flowers fruits and seeds, photosynthesis,
For pass the chicken:
Name 6 plant parts used in identification
Names 3 uses of roots
What is the root cap used for?
What is the cortex used for in plants? – where food is stored in plants and where water and minerals
are transported to the root
Name 3 root types
Give 2 examples of a taproot
Give 2 examples of adventicions root
Give2 examples of storageroots
What is the advantage to having fibrous rooted plants near a water bed
Phloem does what?
What transport system carries nutrients up the stem?
What plant produces food in its stem? Cactus
What is the importance of a stem?
Give 2 examples of a herbaceous plant
Give 2 examples of a woody plant
Why are woody plants harder?
What is the inner most layer of a tree ring? pith
How many layers of a tree did we discuss?6
What is more central than phloem in the cross section of a tree? Cambium
What season do trees grow the most? Spring
When referring to the rings of a tree, are the winter rings darker or lighter? Darker
What is phototropism?
Where is the filament on the flower structure?
Where is the pistil?
Where is the stamen
Where is the anther?
Where is the stigma?
Where is the style?
What plant has a simple leaf?
What plant has a compound leaf?
Name 3 ways one can identify a leaf? Venation, shape, margin, arrangement
What is another term for venation?
What are two different arrangements of leaves on a stem? Opposite, whorled, alternate?
What does photo and synthesis mean?
What 3 things are needed in order to perform photosynthesis?
What texture is the epidermis of a leaf?
What is on the underside of a leaf?
What does stoma mean in Greek?
When are stomata’s open?
What is transpiration?
A complete flower has how many regular parts? 4
Perfect flowers may lack what part and still be considered complete? Sepals or petals
What would an imperfect flower lack? Stamen or pistil
If a perfect flower has no petals or sepals that flower is said to be what? Naked
What prefix is given to a word when it lacks something? A
What is it called when a flower has a stamen but no pistil? Staminate
If both staminate and pistillate flowers are on the same plant, what is it called? Monocot
Explain a dicot plant? Different plants have different sexes. A male tree or a female tree.
What is the purpose of a fleshy fruit?
Name 10 fleshy fruits
Give 3 characteristics of dry fruits
How are seeds dispersed?
Why do you have to water the soil before planting a seed?