Arts in School Design Competition

Name: Aaron Martin
1. What is the circumstance that needs change?
The lack of knowledge surrounding school uniforms (specifically pricing) and
how they affect the students that have to wear them.
2. How did you become aware of the circumstance and/or what led you to
this particular issue?
I was in the public school system for 13 years, 12 of which I was required to
wear school uniforms. While it is generally accepted that school uniforms help
bridge income game and put all students on the same level, it is still possible
to have higher income students with uniforms that cost more (and look nicer)
than students with a lower income.
3. What is the intended target audience for the project? Include both
demographic profiles (age, gender, race/ethnicity, marital status, income, education) and
psychographic profiles (attitudes, values, motives, desires, goals).
Demographic: Age: 25- 60; Gender: Male/Female; Race/ethnicity: all;
Education: high school degree (or more); Income: low – middle class
4. What resources will be used to research and understand the
circumstance and possible avenues to create change?
Print and web sources, specifically using studies that focus on school
uniforms and their effects on students.
5. What other community partners will be involved in this project? List as many
as applicable.
 Partner name:
 Address:
 Phone:
 Web Address:
 Twitter/Facebook, etc.:
6. Is there a primary organization/nonprofit that we would be partnering with?
 Partner name:
 Address:
 Phone:
 Web Address:
 Twitter/Facebook, etc.:
 Explain what the person/organization does, the services it provides, point of
differentiation from similar organizations.
 Give a brief synopsis of how the company started and how it’s gotten to
where it is now.
7. How can the following pieces of Node be used to make an impact on
this issue?
Print Design
Web Design
Social Media (possibly)
Video and Alternate Reality Games
Smartphone Apps (possibly)
 Not all must be used, but you must incorporate design and technology in some way
8. What different roles are needed from students in Node for this project?
While the final project will rely heavily on print/web design, which will result in
a reliance on graphic and web designers, there are other roles that will be
needed. Since the pamphlet will require content, there will need to be
students who do research on school uniforms and their effects on the
students. There will also need to be students who write the content that will
be included in the pamphlet and on the website.
9. What kind of change do you hope to inspire in the target audience?
I hope to inform parents, faculty, and staff about what goes on behind the
scenes regarding school uniforms, mainly that the income gap they wished to
close/bridge when implementing the uniform policy is still very much there. In
informing these groups, I hope to inspire them to take another look at the
established policy and either get rid of/alter the policy until
10. How will you assess that the project has the intended impact, or any impact?