Constitutional Rights Review

Chapter Review
Clause of the First Amendment
which states the government may
not support a church or religion.
What is the Establishment Clause?
Can religious groups meet on
school grounds during non-school
hours? Answer “yes” or “no”.
Answer: Yes. You must allow these
groups as you would sports or
other clubs!
What “test” is used by the
Supreme Court to evaluate a law
concerning religion?
What is the “Lemon” test?
What are schools operated by a
church or religious group called?
What are parochial schools?
Name the five freedoms in the First
Amendment to the U.S.
What is Religion, Assembly, Press,
Petition, and Speech?
What clause of the First
Amendment regarding religion says
that government may not restrict
What is the Free Exercise Clause?
In the first of the two flag salute
cases, the Supreme Court ruled
a. Religious freedom was more important than national
b. Jehovah’s Witnesses were a threat to national
c. The religious freedom of the Jehovah’s Witness had
to be sacrificed (given up) to the more important
goal of national security.
d. Jehovah’s Witnesses could be excused from saluting
the flag.
Answer: C
The religious freedom of the Jehovah’s Witness had to be
sacrificed (given up) to the more important goal of
national security.
This guarantees that the
government cannot abuse the
rights of individuals.
What is the Bill of Rights?
True or False.
Burning the flag can be considered an example of pure
Symbolic Speech
True or False.
According to the Supreme Court, the government can
never limit religious practices.
Religion cannot violate the health, safety or morals of
What are the three forms of
speech protected by the 1
Pure Speech
Speech Plus Speech
Symbolic Speech
Now give an example of each!
Speech or writing that advocates
the overthrow of the government
is called this.
What is seditious speech?
Why did the Supreme Court rule
against Charles Schenck in 1919?
Congress had a right to restrict free
speech when that speech
presented a clear and present
danger to the nation.
A verbal attack on a person’s
What is slander?
These protect journalists from
being forced to reveal their
What are Shield Laws?
A remark in written form made to
ruin someone’s good name and
What is Libel?
A person who refuses military
service because of his opposition
to war.
What is a conscientious objector?
Government agency responsible
for broadcast licensing and
What is the FCC (Federal
Communications Commission)
Radio, television, film, and the
press are examples of this.
What is the Mass Media?
In Reno v. ACLU the Court ruled
that this was closer to print media
than to broadcast media and has
protections under the First
The Internet.
Case that established that the
purpose of the First Amendment is
to allow free speech and free
assembly even to the most popular
What is the Skokie march
Government actions that restrict or
control the press or other media.
What is Censorship?
This case on the establishment
clause still stands as the
benchmark for state aid to
parochial schools.
a. Levitt v. Committee for Public Education
b. Everson v. Board of Education
c. Mueller v. Allen
d. Wolman v. Walter
Answer: B
Everson v. Board of Education
Reimbursement for bussing ; “child benefit theory”
Wisconsin v. Yoder
A state cannot require Amish
parents to sent their children to
public school beyond the eighth
Prayer in public schools is
Engel vs. Vitale
Which of the following is not open
to the public for purposes of
a. The steps of the nations capital?
b. The county jail.
c. Abortion clinics
d. parks
Answer: b
Cannot interfere with the function of that facility!
What is the best defense if a
newspaper is accused of slander or
It told the truth.
Can a person join or support a group the government
considers subversive?
Yes, but groups cannot advocate
the violent overthrow of the
government. It has a right to
protect itself from such threats.
What name is given for a member
of an audience who makes the
police fear imminent danger?
What is a heckler?