What was the Russian Revolution? Notes #42B

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BW – Define vocab on notes sheet 4-1
CW – Notes on Russian Revolution(s)
CW2 – Critical thinking question
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• QOTD – “Believe you can and you're
halfway there.” - Theodore Roosevelt
What caused the Russian
Revolution? Notes #4-1
Russia Under the Czars
• In 1881, Alexander III becomes czar, ends
• Russian peasants lived in poverty,
while Czar’s family, nobles, lived well.
Czars Continue Autocratic
• From 1894 to 1917 Czar Nicholas II was
ruler of Russia. He was a poor leader, who
refused to modernize Russia.
• Institutes autocratic rule, suppressing all
opposition, dissent
• secret police monitor schools
• Non-Russians (Jews) are treated harshly
Czar Nicholas II
Rapid Industrialization…kind of
• Number of factories in the world doubles
between 1863 and 1900;
• Russia still lags
• Poor Industrialization breeds discontent
over working conditions, wages
Russo-Japanese War
• Russia loses to
Japan! (OMG)
• Groups begin
challenging the czar.
Bloody Sunday: Revolution
• In 1905, 200,000 workers march on czar’s
palace to demand reforms, Army fires into
the crowd, killing many
• Anger over Massacre forces Nicholas
forced to make reforms
• The Duma, Russia’s 1st parliament, meets
in 1906
• Czar dissolves Duma after only 10 weeks
Bloody Sunday (1905)
World War I: The Final Blow
• Heavy losses in World War I reveal
government’s weakness
• Army losing effectiveness;
• food and fuel shortages.
• people hungry and unhappy
The Revolutionary Movement
• Popularity of Marxist idea that the
proletariat (workers) will rule
• Bolsheviks—Marxists who favor
revolution by a small committed group
Russian Revolution of 1917
• March, 1917 - Army and peasants revolt
and force the czar to step down.
Russian Revolution of 1917
• Duma establishes provisional, or
temporary, government
• November 1917, Provisional Gov’t
Topples , workers take control of the
• The Bolsheviks won support by
promising “Peace, Bread, and Land”,
Vladimir Lenin
Communist Party flag
(which Bolsheviks later become) 
• Took control of Russia over the next 4