AP Final - Fort Bend ISD

Human Geo Final Review
1. What was the main impact of the 1920’s quota laws
on national origin of immigrants to the US?
2. Why did the annual global population growth rate
increase approximately ten thousand years ago?
3. Followers of what religious branch do not trace their
origin to Abraham?
4. Where did the first speakers of the language that
evolved into English live?
5. Ranching is practiced in a climate region most similar
to what other type of agriculture?
6. How do British and American English differ and how
are they similar?
7. What country has the narrowest population
8. When languages are depicted as leaves on trees,
what do the trunks represent?
9. What is the principle asset of the Four Dragons?
10. What is the average number of births women
bear in their lifetime?
Why did dialects develop within England?
12. Why did several million Irishmen migrate in the
13. What characteristics do Less Developed
Countries have?
14. What typical characteristic of pop culture does
the distribution of alcohol consumption in the US
What is the dominant branch of Islam?
16. How did clothing become a powerful symbol in
17. What was the purpose of the enclosure
movement in England?
18. What is the biggest problem in promoting
development through international trade
19. What is India’s most controversial family
planning program?
20. Anglo-America is the most important exporting
region in what?
What do Animists believe?
22. What are the four most frequently spoken
branches of Indo-European?
What is the 2nd largest language family?
What is pop culture typical of?
25. What are the three fundamental elements of
What language family is English part of?
27. Which element of the local physical
environment is important for wine production?
28. Where is the number of golf courses per person
the highest in the US?
What is environmental determinism?
30. What developed region displays the highest
level of cultural homogeneity?
What are the forms of expansion diffusion?
32. How can neighborhood changes in ethnicity be
best explained?
33. Where are the significant exceptions to
relatively few people living at high elevations?
34. What combination of push pull factors is many
of the European sent to settle Australia?
What is the dominant branch of Islam in Iran?
What is white flight?
37. What has been the main effect of modern
communications on social customs?
38. What country is an example of government
limiting migration?
Why is Judaism classified as an ethnic rather
than universalizing religion?
Where were nation-states in Europe formed?
41. In what religion is cremation more important
than burial?
Chinese is written in the form of what?
43. What kind of cooperative effort is the United
44. How did the US Land Ordinance of 1785 divide
much of the country?
What do tertiary sectors include?
46. What problems have been experienced by
Cyprus during the past two decades?
47. What is the division of the US into 9 regions by
the Census Bureau an example of?
How has globalization affected Africa?
49. What are the most numerous ethnicities found
in the US?
50. What is the acquisition of data about the earth’s
surface from a satellite orbiting the planet?
What were the first states in Mesopotamia?
52. What are guest workers in Europe and the
Middle East?
53. What was the first widespread use of the
nation-state concept?
54. What is a large and fundamental division within
a religion?
55. A physical feature that hinders migration is an
example of what?
Where is Urdu the most important language?
What does Balkanization refers to?
58. What would a decline in country’s crude birth
rate result in?
What does culture mean?
60. What adverse environmental impacts would
rechanneling the Kissimmee River in Florida
61. Why do the Yuan and Shan peoples in northern
Thailand sleep with their heads toward the east?
62. What happens when people who speak a given
language migrate to a different location and become
isolated from other members of their tribe?
63. What is a repetitive act performed by an
64. What is the goal of the majority of the people
living in northern Ireland?
65. How did Christianity first diffuse from its
66. What did geographer Vidal de la Blache regard
food supply as?
67. What is the system for transferring locations
from to a flat map?
What is the world’s largest state?
69. Where does the largest number of legal
immigrants to the US come from what country?
What is a nation or nationality?
71. The only country returned that was captured by
Israel in 1967 is what?
72. What is the most populous country in the
73. Where did seed agriculture probably reach
Europe from?
74. What is a current intraregional migration trend
in the US?
75. What is the most important pull factor for
migrants in North America?
76. Where do most European guest workers come
77. What is the arrangement of a phenomenon
across Earth’s surface?