Chapter 9 - third social studies study guide

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Social Studies
Chapter 9 Study Guide Key
multicultural communities -!
communities made up of people from many
immigration - the process of coming to live a county from another part of the world
ethnic groups - a group of people who share the same language, culture and way of
traditions - customs, or ways of doing something, that are passed on to others.
1. Why do people move to new places?
People move to new places for new opportunities
2. How did prejudice affect the lives of some United States immigrants?
It kept the from getting good jobs. Immigrants were often paid less money.
3. Where did most European immigrants arrive in the United States in the past?
In the past, European immigrants arrived in the United States at Ellis Island.
4. Where do most immigrants to the United States come from today?
Today most immigrants come from Asia and Latin America
5. Which group of people took part in the Great Migration?
African Americans took part in the Great Migration.
6. Give an example of migration.
People moving from the northern to the southern United States. ( Note - this
example is NOT describing to the Great Migration, it only illustrates the definition. Be
able to connect the term migration with the movement of people within a country.
7. Give an example of something people of the same ethnic group share.
- the same language
8. What does the word traditions mean in the sentence?
Every ethnic group has its own beliefs and traditions.
It means customs passed on to others
9. What does the Statue of Liberty symbolize, or stand for?
The Statue of Liberty stands for freedom.
10. Why did many immigrants move to the United States?
Immigrants moved to the United States to find new opportunities, such as more freedom
and better education and jobs. Some people also wanted to escape dangers in their
own country.