2015 Event Info Packet - Pennsylvania Coalition of Motorcyclists, Inc.

Pennsylvania Coalition of Motorcyclists, Inc.
Freedom Riders - Chapter 69 – Delaware County
“Defending Your Right to Ride”
Pennsylvania Coalition of Motorcyclists Inc., also known as P.C.O.M., is committed to the protection of the
individual rights of PA motorcyclists through political change, charitable works and public education. P.C.O.M.
is dedicated to uniting all motorcyclists in the common cause of protecting their rights and freedoms. This
includes all motorcyclists, young kids on dirt bikes, the road riders and the patch holders. P.C.O.M. does this by
supporting all the brotherhood, and furthering freedoms and rights of all riders whether they are hardcore bikers
or just the occasional weekend rider.
P.C.O.M. assists other motorcycle riding organizations by educating the motorcyclists on the stances of our
elected politicians around biker’s rights and assist that cause by voting out the politicians who deny
motorcyclists their rights. P.C.O.M. accomplishes this effort by attending motorcycle rights conferences, voting
for biker friendly politicians, hosting or attending events that support biker rights and Brotherhood.
Motorcycle ownership is not required to become a member of P.C.O.M., but, if motorcycles influence your
lifestyle, then you are part of the motorcycle community. P.C.O.M. brings together people who enjoy all aspects
of the motorcycle world while supporting all clubs as well as charities, focusing on Veteran and children
charitable organizations.
It is important that you understand the perspectives of other clubs that you may be associating with while
attending events, runs, etc. Being a club member means you are dedicating your time and efforts to achieving
the goals of the club. You should always conduct yourself responsibly when dealing with other club members or
friends and family. This includes social media, emails, or public conversations. While P.C.O.M’s Patch (Colors)
is a purchased patch that shows you are part of a riding club whose purpose is to come together to ride
motorcycles, enjoy spending time with others that have similar interests and preserve the freedoms of all riders,
the MC Patch (Colors) are earned and must be respected.
P.C.O.M. has representation at the monthly Confederation of Clubs meetings, also known as the C.O.C, as well
as Defender meetings. The C.O.C. may vary from region to region in makeup, size, and strength, but the
overall mission of the C.O.C. is unity in the motorcycle world. The C.O.C. exists to bring communication
through clubs, improve the motorcyclist image, support legislation for the betterment of motorcycling, and
protect our biker rights in the court system. In some areas, the organization may also be a sanctioning body for
new or probate clubs in that region. The C.O.C. is also a good place to meet some of the people in the clubs in
your area.
P.C.O.M. meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of the month at our Club House and we attempt to come together as
often as possible for motorcycle rides, short or long. For more information visit our Web site www.pcom69.org,
or fill out the attached contact form and someone will contact you.
Name _________________________________________________________
Address ________________________________________________________
Email Address ___________________________________________________
Home Phone __________________
Cell Phone _______________________
D.O.B. _______________________ (must be 21 to join)
Emergency Contact ____________________________________________
There is no obligation to join. By providing your contact information, you give P.C.O.M. the
right to inform you of upcoming events, fund raisers, and motorcycle runs.