Gail Webb ex draft

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Gail Webb
Jennifer Graham
English Composition
18 June 2012
Vacationland by Motorcycle
Maine is one the nations most popular vacation destination. The state is described as one
of breathtaking natural beauty. Our rocky coastline is dotted with quaint villages, beaches,and
ocean scenery. Inland captures views of rolling hills, lakes, mountains, rivers, woods, farmland,
and small towns. This is all in our backyard. People from all walks of life take to the open road
on motorcycles to enjoy what Maine has to offer.
Throughout the state wildlife is a common site. Moose, deer, coyotes, and small animals
can cause a fatal crash. Riding safely is an awareness all motorcycle riders must takes seriously.
The condition of the roads less traveled may have potholes, loose gravel or rocks. Drives must
react quickly to avoid dangers. Rider safety courses offer drivers proper training on the hazards
to motorcyclists. Wearing protective gear and a helmet is the responsible thing to do.
Motorcycles are small and sometimes hard to see. Some drivers of vehicles aren’t looking for
motorcycles. More drivers today are distracted by cell phones and multitasking while driving.
Watching out for the other guy and keeping adequate distance can avoid a crash. A little beep,
beep of the bikes horn is a quick attention getter. An enjoyable ride starts with safety first.
Maine is a large state with miles of scenic roads to travel and explore. Each region of the
state offers rich history and different cultures of people who value their quality of life. Hard
working, friendly people welcome motorcyclists into their communities. Festivals and country
fairs are a destination for riders to enjoy. Spring, summer, and fall events are attended by bikers
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traveling to experience the beauty of each season. Historic sites, landmarks, and museums are
attractions that can be enjoyed by motorcyclists. Throughout Maine the state’s park system
captures the landscape of the area and welcomes bikers to visit. Maine is the largest New
England state and has 21,000 miles of scenic roads to explore. A leisurely day trip or a weekend
road trip the options are many.
Motorcycle enthusiasts have formed clubs throughout the state to bring together those
who share the sport. Organized events, fun activities, and charitable fundraisers are planned.
Fundraisers greatly help the needy in local communities. Weekend group rides and touring group
trips are part of club events. There is safety when riding in groups.
Maine is a natural setting for outdoor activities. Motorcycling this great state is an
enjoyable experience. The clean fresh air carries the scent of wildflowers and pine trees, giving
motorcyclists a deeper appreciation of the Maine outdoors and panoramic views. Take to the
open road on a motorcycle and discover another reason why Maine is “the way life should be.”