JECPS8 - Key Word Outline

Introduction to
Persuasive Speaking
Part 8:
Key Word Outline
John E. Clayton
Nanjung University, Spring, 2004
Key Word Outline - Purpose
Provide “trigger” words, rather than complete
Main ideas and supporting detail are reduced
to a key word or phrase that the speaker can
remember more easily.
Key Word Outline – How?
• Put only one idea per line
• Use numbers and letters to distinguish
between main ideas and supporting points
• Use tabs to visually separate your main
points from your support.
1. Write your full-sentence planning outline.
2. Underline the most important words of each main point
and sub-point in your planning outline.
3. Using the same numerals and letters, write down the
key words on index cards
4. Write out any direct quotes, source citations, or
important statistics that you need to remember.
5. You may also write out the introduction and conclusion.
(But don’t read them if you can help it)
Key Word Outline – Sample
1. Circumstances sometime force people to live alone.
Grown children leave the nest - they go to college, move to
other cities to get jobs, or marry and move away to start
families of their own.
Thesis: Circumstances sometimes force people to live
A. Grown children leave the nest.
1. Go to college
2. Move to other cities to get jobs.
3. Marry and move away to start families
of their own.