Vincent Quick

MIS 304

November 15, 2011


Tony Fadell

Apple employee, the “Father of the iPod”

Matt Rogers

Apple employee, iPod software development

“We make things that work for people.”

The iPad of Thermostats

Learning Thermostat

Programs itself

Wi-Fi Connected

The only thermostat that improves with time

Programs Itself & Saves Energy

Simple to use

Builds a schedule

The Leaf


Energy History

Always connected

Real-Time Control

Your Nest Account

Automatic Updates

Secure, Private and Reliable

Senses and learns

Activity sensors

Temperature sensors

Weather aware

Senses your approach

Each Nest is $249

Nest will sell you installation service for $119 + an additional $25 for any extra thermostats

 wardbaig/story/2011-10-25/nest-thermostatreview/50917506/1