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Anticipation Guide for Much Ado About Nothing Name

Anticipation Guide for Much Ado About Nothing
Directions: Mark each statement as “agree” or “disagree” using an A or a D respectively. You can only mark A or D, so
you must take a position. Then, write a brief reason which defends your answer.
______1. Men and women should marry persons of a similar social and economic status as themselves.
______ 2. People choose with whom they will fall in love. (Fate does not exist)
______ 3. It is better not to marry than to marry and risk being cheated on by your spouse.
______ 4. Most people can be trusted to be faithful in marriage.
______ 5. Men are attracted to women who are assertive and bold.
______ 6. Jealously in a romantic relationship is usually a sign that the relationship has problems.
______ 7. Because parents usually know what is best for their children when it comes to choosing a mate, children
should go along with their parents’ wishes in this regard.
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