Rock-A-Bye Baby!

Rock-A-Bye Baby!
Estuaries – Project Explanation
Create a poster display on estuaries.
Materials needed:
- 1 sheet of poster paper/board (2.5’ x 2.8’)
- Colored felt-tipped markers
- Pictures from magazines, computer printouts, etc.
- Glue
- Scissors
- Ruler
Task explanation:
Now it is time for you to display your understanding of your learning! Pretend that you
are a baby in a Hawaiian marine ecosystem/estuary and you need a safe environment to live in.
Design a nursery that will keep you safe!. Think
about this question as you work to complete this project.
Why would you choose to spend your earliest days of your life in this
“nest” as opposed to the open ocean?
Task steps:
__ 1. Choose a marine species you would like to be
__ 2. Design the nest/bedroom for your species
In designing the nest/bedroom, make certain that it contains the following:
__ a picture/drawing of yourself as the baby
__ biotic and abiotic factors which you will need to survive (if you need more information
about biotic and abiotic factors, go to WebQuest 4.1)
__ possible roommates you might have in your nest/bedroom area
__ picture and description of the “lushness” of your home outside of your nest
__ 3. Review the rubric to make certain you have addressed all components.