Name Composers of the Classical and Romantic period Make a

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Composers of the Classical and Romantic period
Make a timeline (lots of templates are available online) Use the computer, or draw it freehand.
Your timeline should include:
1. the years for the Classical period of music. (Do not use Wikipedia, since their dates
about musical eras are very wrong!
2. the years that are included in the Romantic period of classical music.
3. Include birth and death dates of the following composers:
1. Ludwig van Beethoven
2. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
3. Frederic Chopin
4. Johann Strauss, Jr.
5. Richard Strauss
(The above composers are the ones we have, or will have touched on, in our movie viewing. )
Requirements: birth year, death year, country of origin of each composer. Include three
facts which are musically important about each composer on the list.
Extra credit: add other composers that you deem recognizably important from the
Classical and Romantic periods.
4. Write a blurb about these two musical periods: Classical and Romantic.
Include the years of each period, and important composers from each one. What else was
significant about these two musical periods?