Music Appreciation Syllabus


Music Appreciation


Course Syllabus


This course is designed to acquaint students with the elements of music and the primary musical periods of traditional Western European classical music.

Students will have a brief overview of significant composers and their music through class lectures, listening to musical examples in class, reading the text, actively engaging in class discussions, and attending live concerts of suggested performances.


Identify elements in music which define style, genre and period

Develop listening skills concerning the various elements of music

Define historical style periods in Western classical music

Identify composers and major compositions related to historical style periods in

Western classical music

Appreciate and analyze various

Participate in out-of-the-classroom performances


Roger Kamien, Music: An Appreciation (sixth brief edition)


Chapter 1: Elements of Music

Chapter 2: Music of the Middle Ages

Chapter 3: Music of the Renaissance

Chapter 4: Music of the Baroque Period

Chapter 5: Music of the Classical Period

Chapter 6: Music of the Romantic Period

Chapter 7: Music of the 20 th Century

Chapter 8: Jazz

Chapter 9: The American Musical

Chapter 10: Rock

Chapter 11: Non-Western Music


Most of students’ grades will be based on Chapter Tests. A student may earn extra credit in a number of ways including attaching their notes to a test and/or attending concerts and other performances outside of school.