Leslie Arcos Civil Rights

Leslie Arcos
Ms. Scott
US History 2
21 May 2014
Martin Luther King, Jr- Leader in the African American Civil Rights Movement/believed in using
nonviolent civil disobedience
13th Amendment- Abolished slavery
14th Amendment- Reconstruction Amendments/Granted citizenship to all anyone born in the
US/equal protection
15th Amendments- Prohibits the fed and state gov. from denying a citizen the right to vote
Malcolm X-Human rights activist/fought for equality
Rosa Parks- Human rights activist/Resisted against the law
Thurgood Marshall- First African American justice/ fought for the Brown v. board of education
SNCC- Student nonviolent coordinating committee/played a major role in sit-ins
SCLC- Southern Christian leadership conference
Emmitt Till- African American boy who was murdered in Mississippi/murdered because he tried
to flirt with a white woman
Civil Rights Act 1964- An act to enforce the constitutional right to vote
March on Washington- One of the largest political gatherings/civil and economic rights for
African Americans
Brown v BOE Topeka, KS- U.S Supreme Court case in which the court declared separate schools
Jim Crow Laws- Racial segregation laws
Little Rock 9Sit-Ins-Direct action/group of people protesting while blocking off an area
Passive Resistance- group of African American students who went to the Little Rock Central HS
Black Panthers- Black revolutionary socialist organization (1966-1982)
Bobby Seale- American political activist/founder of the Black Panther Party
Huey Newton- American political activist/co-founder of the Black Panther Party
Medgar Evers- African American civil rights activist/assassinated
James Earl Ray- American criminal/ assassinated MLK