Chapter 13 – Activity

Wednesday, November 12
Look at the following diagram ( and answer which company spends the most on
advertising in their category AND how much they spend. Create a google drawing
with a logo of each company for each category. On or near the logo list the total
amount that company spends. Create a collage with the 6 categories listed.
1. Car manufacturers
2. Insurance companies
3. Fast food industry
4. Cell phone providers
5. Retail stores
6. Make up
If you finish your collage, start on vocabulary terms for chapter 14.
Find the definition of each term and write it in the space provided.
7. Advertising –
8. Cyber Ads –
9. Transit advertising –
10. Infomercial -
11. Webcast –
12. Screen ads –
13. Mass media –
14. Direct –mail advertising –