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Advertising & Marketing
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Smart Marketing IQ Quiz
True or False?
1. _____The frequency of an ad is just as important as the content.
2. _____ Selling on price is always more effective than selling value.
3. _____Three smaller ads are better than one big ad with the same total cost.
4. _____What's left out of an advertisement is just as important as what is left in.
5. _____ A "Jingle" is a must in radio ads.
6. _____ Salespeople are experts in advertising.
7. _____If you are trying to attract attention to your ad, it's better to use color vs. black and white.
Marketing Is All Around Us
8. _____Select the statement that best describes marketing.
A. Marketing is the process of advertising and selling products.
B. Marketing is process of advertising good and services
C. Marketing is the process of planning, pricing, promoting, selling, and distributing ideas, goods, and services.
D. Marketing is the process of deciding what to sell.
9. _____What is a target market?
A. A group of people who have enough money to buy a certain product
B. A business - to- business market
C. A company’s market share
D. A group of people most likely to become customers
10. _____What are the components of the marketing mix?
A. Form, place, time, possession, and information
B. Product, place, price, and promotion
C. Product, place, and price
D. none of the above
11. _____What are the functions of marketing?
A. Distribution and financing
B. Pricing, selling, and product/service management
C. Marketing information management and promotion
D. All of the above