Chapter 5 Lesson 4 Day 2

 What
kinds of topics from
Shakespeare's work might still be
important topics today?
 Love,
comedy, courage, and evil.
 Why
is Shakespeare considered a
great writer?
 He
wrote many plays and poems. His
language was rich with imagery, and his
ideas still connect with our lives today.
The Theater in
England and Spain
The Elizabethan era in England: The reign
of Queen Elizabeth I included a great cultural
flowering. The drama of William Shakespeare
was especially notable.
 Spanish drama: Touring theater companies
brought the latest Spanish plays to all parts of
Spain's empire. Lope de Vega became the
most well known Spanish dramatist of the
The Globe Theater: In his plays,
Shakespeare shows a remarkable
understanding of the human condition.
Elizabethan theaters sold tickets at different
prices so that both rich and poor could enjoy
the plays of Shakespeare and others.
 A universal genius: Shakespeare, a master
of the written word, also became famous for a
form of poetry called the sonnet.
 Why
do you think the Globe Theatre
was attractive to audiences?
 The
theater's round layout made the
audience part of the show.
Spain's Golden Age
of Literature
Miguel de Cervantes and Don Quixote: The
"golden age" of Spanish literature was
crowned by a single book: Miguel de
Cervantes's Don Quixote. The book tells of a
man who imagines he is a knight and another
man who joins him as a squire. It skillfully
blends the worlds of dreams and reality.
 Spanish theater and Lope de Vega: Lope
de Vega's many plays are notable for their wit
and dramatic action.
 What
is the value of reading literature
from the Golden Age?
 It
is important to read great works even
if they are from long ago. The works
have something to tell us about life.