Directions for outline EXAMPLE

English II: Outline Information and Sample Outline
The outline of your research paper must include the information you will be including in your
paper in the order you will be writing it.
2. The outlines will be typed. The easiest way is to double space. If you hand-write, the outline
must be in blue or black ink on loose leaf paper on the front of the page only. XC for typing.
3. The outline must have the standard heading in the upper left-hand corner. This heading will be
reviewed in class.
4. You are required to have THREE levels of organization in your outline. This will be explained in
5. This can be a topic or sentence outline. We will discuss this in class.
6. Pay attention to format and spacing. These will half of the outline’s grade.
Klier 1
Kathleen Klier
Mrs. French
English II
Hour of class
Due Date
William Shakespeare
Thesis Statement: Despite very humble beginnings, William Shakespeare went on to become an actor
and the greatest playwright the world has ever known.
Opening comments (Do not write this now.)
B. Thesis Statement (No need to rewrite it here. I will see it above.)
The Man
1. Born April 23, 1564
2. Born into a modest but respectable family
B. Education
1. Received education at local grammar school
2. Studied Latin grammar and literature
Klier 2
Married Life
Married Anne Hathaway in 1582 (18 years old)
Had three children
The actor
His Introduction to acting
1. Arrived in London and started acting in 1592
2. Establish member of Chamberlain’s Men
B. The Globe Theater
1. Bought and renovated the Globe in 1599
2. Shakespeare was part owner of the theater
3. Queen Elizabeth’s interest in the theater ensured survival
The Writer
Writing Style
1. Wrote in blank verse
a. Unrhymed iambic pentameter
b. Introduced short songs in various meters
2. Liked to experiment and would try different things
B. Sonnets
1. Wrote 154 sonnets
2. Starting writing them in 1590’s but not published until 1609
3. Never intended them to be read by the public
C. Plays
1. No trouble getting his plays approved by the government
2. Wrote at the rate of about two plays a year
3. Twenty different publishers made money from his plays
D. Shakespeare’s Legacy
1. More written about Shakespeare than any other actor
2. Recognized as the world’s finest dramatist
3. Considered by modern critics as the world’s greatest literary figure
A. Summary Information (No need to write anything here at this time.)
B. Restatement of Thesis
NOTE TO YOU: Your introduction and conclusion on the outline just acknowledge that you will have
one. You need nothing more than what is typed here.