Dramatic terms and techniques handout

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Romeo and Juliet
Dramatic Techniques
Shakespeare’s plays were originally written to be performed in the theatre, not read from a book
in a classroom. Because his plays were written for performances, he utilized several dramatic
techniques. Whether adding drama, suspense, or simply strengthening the connection between
the audience and the performer, these techniques were very important in Shakespeare’s plays.
Below is a very brief list of some of the dramatic techniques Shakespeare used in his writing.
Review the list and define each technique. You may use a dictionary for help. **Some
words may have more than one definition listed. Be sure to use the definition that most
closely relates to what we’re studying! (Don’t be so lazy as to simply write the first definition you see.)
1. Homonym:
2. Prologue:
3. Soliloquy:
4. Monologue:
5. Aside:
6. Convention:
7. Exeunt:
8. Implied Action:
9. Sonnet:
10. Homophone: