MBA Proposed Plan of Study

MBA Proposed Plan of Study
Apply to the MBA Program
You will need to have completed all prerequisites (listed below) and have taken the GMAT with score of 500 or better or taken the
GRE with combined score of 300 or better.
 Accounting Principles I (ACCT 201) & Accounting Principles II (ACCT 202), or Survey of Accounting (ACCT 501),
 Introduction to Operations Research (DSCI 351),
 Microeconomics (ECON 208), & Macroeconomics (ECON 209), or Survey of Economics (ECON 501),
 Elementary Statistics (ECON 265),
 Business Finance (FIN 305), and
 Principles of Marketing (MKTG 305).
You must earn a “C” or better in the prerequisite courses in order for them to be accepted.
[Note: It is recommended that you have completed the Accounting and Economic courses prior to taking the Decision Science,
Finance, and Marketing courses.]
*All MBA candidates are assumed to have a proficient knowledge in computers and math, including some calculus.
If you have not yet completed all or most of the prerequisites and have not yet taken your graduate admissions test, please contact
the MBA Assistant at 812/464-1926 for available options.
Courses to Take
Once accepted into the MBA program, you should take the courses as proposed below:
MNGT 611 – Leadership Skills and Organizational Behavior (Offered both Spring and Fall semesters)
This is the “Cornerstone” of the MBA program and should be taken as your first graduate level-course. Up to two additional courses
may be taken concurrently.
MNGT 681 – Strategic and International Management (Offered both Spring and Fall semesters)
This is the “Capstone” of the MBA program and should be taken as your last graduate-level course. Up to two additional courses
may be taken concurrently as long as it is your last semester.
All other courses may be taken in any order to best fit your schedule. Courses are offered as follows:
Fall Semester
CIS 601 – Information Systems and Technology
DSCI 601 – Quantitative Methods for Business Decisions
FIN 601 – Financial Management and Financial Markets
MNGT 601 – Human Resource Management
Spring Semester
ACCT 601 – Accounting for Decision Making and Control
BLAW 618 – Legal and Social Environment of Business
ECON 601 – Business Economics and Forecasting
MKTG 601 – Marketing Strategies
[Note: These courses, excluding MNGT 611 and MNGT 681, are offered by rotation approximately every third summer. (See the long
term schedule for details.)]