According to the Wall Street Journal`s Career Journal, M

According to the Wall Street Journal’s Career Journal, M.B.A Track:
“A company’s sales force is its lifeblood. But you’d never know it by
looking at the typical MBA curriculum… sales courses are surprisingly
scarce in MBA programs…. But the sales function seems to be slowly
gaining more respect…. A growing number of MBA students …
appear to be sold on the value of sales courses…. Requires
sophisticated selling and consultative services…. Corporate recruiters
clearly welcome more sales content in the MBA curriculum.” (Wall
Street Journal - Eastern Edition; 4/11/2006, Vol. 247 Issue 84, pB8)
University of Toledo is ahead of the game. Introducing:
Sales Leadership Concentration in the MBA Curriculum
Select the following three elective classes and write your own ticket:
 Sales Force Management and Strategy
 Strategic Account Management
 Customer Relationship Marketing or Integrated Marketing
Available Fall 2007
Contact Dr. Buehrer, Dr. Pullins or Dr. Mallin for more information!
Did you know?
 There are only a handful of certified, accredited sales majors in the
country for undergrads and UT has one?
 Our MBA sales program was announced in Selling Power Magazine?
 Typical starting compensation for our undergraduate students exceed
$50K? Graduate potential is MORE?
 Sales compensation is unlimited?
 Sales can take you anywhere in the world?
 More CEOs come up through sales than any other corporate function?
 The number of sales positions is expected to grow by 9-17% through
According to Steven Fransblow in the above WSJ article, “If you’re
good at sales … you can write your own ticket.”